Arctic strengthens its position in the ECM market

Arctic has participated in six out of the ten largest ECM transactions this year. Arctic ranks second in both volume and number of transactions, according to Bloomberg.

Bjørn Løvenskiold (Co-Head Investment Banking), Sven Gustav Bakken (Co-Head Investment Banking) and Runar Meland (Head of ECM Sales) discusses the ECM developments for Arctic.

Advancing in the ECM space

Arctic is in second place in Bloomberg's statistics both measured in volume (only beaten by Carnegie) and in number of transactions (only beaten by DNB). We have been involved in 6 of the 10 largest ECM transactions in the Norwegian market this year. Not least, as Global Coordinator, we have carried out this year's only IPO with the real estate company Public Property Invest.

Sentiment in the ECM market has improved considerably through 2024, where Arctic has taken significant market shares. At the same time, the pipeline looks strong for 2024. We expect that there will be market windows to raise capital that the companies will have to make use of.

– We see an increasingly opportunistic and constructive market. Arctic is more visible on the ECM map now and competes at the very top. We have done a lot already and have a good pipeline for 2024, says Sven Gustav Bakken, Co-Head Investment Banking.

As for M&A, Arctic works with a larger number of projects. Several of these can materialize both before and over the summer, Bjørn Løvenskiold, Co-Head Investment Banking, explains. 

Stock markets are rising globally

High yield bonds have been highly sought after for quite some time. Bonds are still popular, though, and the market is doing well – but what are the main reasons for the progress in the equity market?

Runar Meland, Head of ECM Sales, explains:

– The market has undoubtedly changed both nationally and globally. Stock markets have risen worldwide. In addition, we see that companies consistently deliver more positive reports. These factors combined have naturally given ECM activities a boost.

"When stock markets rise, the market temperature also escalates. Investors tend to become more risk-averse."

Foreign investors follow Norway and the Nordic countries closely and like what they see, according to Sven Gustav Bakken:

– The Norwegian and Nordic capital markets are more attractive to foreign investors. Their appetite has increased – we saw it clearly when high-yield bonds took off, and we see it clearly now in a far livelier equity market, he says.

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