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As a leading investment bank, Arctic continues to focus on the ESG issues that matter to our company and industry.

We have a significant role to play in promoting sustainable projects. Arctic is a responsible advisor and transaction manager enabling sustainable growth and encouraging capital to flow in a green direction.

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Words from our CEO

At Arctic, we aim to always be the best possible partner for our clients. Our engagement goes beyond traditional investment banking services, which is partly why the green shift currently materialising in the financial sector is met with enthusiasm across our organisation. We know that working towards a net-zero economy will demand significant effort and capital, but also enable us to create many new and exciting investment opportunities for our clients.

Our organisation grew in its role as a leading provider of financial services in 2021 and we have continued—and amplified—our work with sustainable finance. Financial institutions like our own will be used to leverage climate change mitigation by effect of new regulations and our responsibility to take an active part in facilitating this transition is not lost on us. As global markets adapt to new sustainability standards, it is in both our own and our clients' best interest that we adapt with them. 

We are actively implementing sustainability measures with the aim to reduce operational costs and the carbon footprint of our business, whilst simultaneously increasing our focus on ESG reporting and transparency. It is a priority for me and the rest of the management to ensure that we keep the momentum we have built in this regard, both in the present and in the future.

Mads Henrik Syversen, CEO Arctic Group

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Environmental Responsibility

Arctic seeks to reduce its environmental footprint by being a responsible purchaser, a responsible consumer and a responsible tenant. 

We rent modern energy-efficient offices with recycling facilities and in proximity to public transport. We have invested in energy-efficient Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and audio-visual equipment that enables telephone and video conferences, and we avoid unnecessary travelling for both cost and environmental reasons.

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Social responsibility

Our social responsibilities extend beyond our employees and into the communities in which we operate. Taking a proactive stance on social responsibility is something we believe is rewarded manyfold. 

Working with diversity is going to be imperative for us as it is increasingly critical to how we operate, and development of our human assets is undeniably linked to how we reach our goals.

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Our risk management procedures are derived from both internal and external requirements. We are committed to always be in compliance with relevant legal requirements, regulations and industry standards, as well as our internal policies that give guidance on employee conduct in accordance with our fundamental values.

ESG Report

Our updated ESG report will be released once a year and will be available online. Our ESG measures are internally communicated to our employees through campaigns and the Arctic intranet on an ongoing basis.