Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)

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Technology in society

Technology is critical to organisations as they adapt to a changing world and invest in a digital and more sustainable future. The Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry drives the rapid pace and scope of digital transformation through new strategies and the development of innovative technologies, products and services that help to refine how we work, live and do business. The telecommunications, media and technology sector (TMT) in Norway has a history of fostering many leading edge companies with extensive international operations. With a limited home market, the Norwegian TMT companies have had to look abroad to achieve the necessary scale of operations, and have thus needed to develop advanced technologies and primary customer propositions in order to attract attention in competition with global businesses.

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Extensive experience within the TMT sector

The number of publicly listed TMT companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange has increased significantly over the last few years as the sector has seen increased investments from both domestic and international investors. A reputation of world-class technology combined with the open nature of Norwegian capital markets has led to a number of domestic TMT companies being acquired by global leaders and private equity investors .

Arctic Securities has a dedicated team with extensive experience both from operations and transactions in the TMT sector. This makes us uniquely positioned to advice technology companies as we can demonstrate a deep understanding of the operational and strategic goals, which always should be the foundation of any financial transaction or other process. On the back of the same team competency and significant track-record of deals in the sector, we can demonstrate a unique value-add when advising financial sponsors or strategic entities in navigating both complex and simple transactions within the technology space.

Arctic delivers our full range of services to TMT clients, including M&A, ECM and DCM transactions, and are one of the leading Norwegian investment banks within this sector.

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Investment Banking

Arctic Securities is a leading Investment Banking advisor and transaction manager with extensive experience and expertise from the Nordic market. We offer our clients financial services including equity (ECM) and debt (DCM) capital markets, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), corporate restructurings and structured finance.


Arctic Securities Research department consists of experienced credit and equity research analysts, highly recognized both locally and by international institutions. Our teams of sector specialists provide independent research to domestic and international clients which covers the whole capital structure of a company.

Fixed Income & Equity Sales

Arctic Securities’ Equity and Fixed Income Sales team consists of experienced salespeople with an extensive client base among Nordic, US, UK, and other international institutions.

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