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Proud history, exciting future

Norway has a long and proud heritage as a leading maritime nation. The maritime cluster combines shipping companies, financial institutions, shipbrokers, service and equipment providers, together with lenders, corporate financiers and investors. An important maritime-focused capital market has developed around the cluster with a unique offering to shipping companies across the globe.

The Oslo Stock Exchange is the world’s second largest exchange for shipping companies and the home of industry leaders within several shipping segments. Norwegian marketplaces offer a wide range of opportunities for global shipping companies to raise equity and debt capital from a global investor base, leveraging the experience and expertise present in the Norwegian market. Established as a leading provider of investment banking services to shipping companies, Arctic has an absolute commitment to integrity and quality.

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Global green fuel transition

Transitioning the shipping industry to zero-emission fuels needs to happen as rapidly as possible and will require both financial and strategic support.

The shipping industry plays a critical role in the global economy, carrying approximately 90% of the total tonnage of world’s traded goods. To avert the consequences of climate change, electrification and renewable energy sources present the best path forward. For bulk shipping across the ocean, which is already responsible for 3% of global emissions and poised to grow, zero-emission fuels coupled with energy-saving devices is the best path to decarbonization. As the world’s maritime fleet transitions towards more sustainable fuels, it will become increasingly important to capitalize on the opportunities associated with this transition in the coming years. 

With the development of new cleaner fuels, making transportation greener has never been more viable. Norway has played a key goal in getting the International Maritime Organisation to adopt an ambitious goal of cutting carbon emissions from the global shipping industry by a minimum of 50% by 2050. The country itself, however, is aiming much higher.

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Unique placing power and expertise

Through our broad investor base and close dialogue with prominent institutional shipping investors, Arctic Securities provides clients with unique placing power, documented through our track record of successful transactions. Our shipping team has managed and executed high profile shipping IPOs, follow-on equity offerings and block trades in both the Norwegian and US markets, as well as placing secured and unsecured high yield bond issues and convertibles and handling complex restructurings. Arctic Securities can also structure and syndicate project finance transactions, ranging from small syndicated single ship deals to major bilateral project finance transactions. 

To support our project finance activities, our subsidiaries Arctic Capital and Arctic Real Estate Management provide capital raising, secondary trading and management of direct investments, respectively.

Arctic Shipping specialises in the international shipbroking market with a key focus on newbuilding and second-hand brokerage of assets primarily within the tanker, dry bulk, chemical and gas segments, in addition to period chartering and project business.

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Green aviation and climate change

The airline industry encompass not just airlines and flights, but also transport. We are now beginning to see the how Covid-19 affects the airline industry in the long-term. Some effects are obvious: hygiene and safety standards will be more stringent, and digitalization will continue to transform the travel experience. 

Some airlines have responded to the pandemic by restructuring for greater efficiency. Airlines need to proactively set the business up for long-term structural value creation. Becoming better necessitate investment, particularly in IT and digitalization. Airlines should reevaluate the economics of their operations as leisure trips seems to be fueling the recovery, and business travel taking longer to recover.  It will take incentives to encourage the aviation industry to become sustainable. Technology has to evolve; countries will need to change legislation, and airlines will need to fund expensive research. Greener air travel will depend on emerging technologies: Electric engines, alternative fuels, and better navigation could all help reduce emissions. As travel needs to become greener and more efficient, the aviation industry are taking steps now to transform this sector. Air travel is here to stay, so the cleaner the better. 

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Arctic Shipping specialises in the international shipbroking market with a key focus on newbuilding and second hand brokerage of assets primarily within the tanker, drybulk, container, chemical and gas segments, in addition to period chartering and project business.

Investment Banking

Arctic Securities is a leading investment banking advisor and transaction manager with extensive experience and expertise from the Nordic market. We offer our clients financial services including equity (ECM) and debt (DCM) capital markets, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), corporate restructurings and structured finance.


Arctic Securities Research department consists of experienced credit and equity research analysts, highly recognized both locally and by international institutions. Our teams of sector specialists provide independent research to domestic and international clients which covers the whole capital structure of a company.

Fixed Income & Equity Sales

Arctic Securities’ Equity and Fixed Income Sales team consists of experienced salespeople with an extensive client base among Nordic, US, UK, and other international institutions.

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