Advisory Service

We strive to help you build the investment portfolio best suited to achieve your long-term investment goals.

Personal service for asset owners

We offer advisory service to investment companies and institutional clients looking to invest in the Arctic funds. Establish a client relationship with us through your registered company by filling out the form linked below.

Subscriptions and redemptions for existing investors

To make a transaction, fill out the subscription and redemption form linked below and send it to

Alternatively, send us your instruction by email

Subscriptions and redemptions after your first investment can also be made directly to us by email. Please specify the transaction details including your client name, in which fund you want to make a transaction and the amount. Cut-off is 11:00 every weekday.

Arctic Ansatte 2022 260122 ZSB 6213

You benefit from our experience

As an advisory client you benefit from close contact with our advisory team, who will advise you on single and multiple asset class portfolios. We help you structure your Arctic portfolio to best meet your investment targets. 

You will also have access to our portfolio managers and analysts through seminars and meetings. 

Our areas of expertise

Nordic and Norwegian Equities

Equity funds specialising in the Nordics, investing in both solid and established companies as well as innovative growth prospects.

Nordic Fixed Income

Fixed income funds specialising in the Nordic credit market, from investment grade to high yield.

Global Life Science

Global lifescience equity funds specialising in new technology for the world's medical needs.

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